5 secrets to a simple website that sells your photography services

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“I’ve been struggling with my old website for 2 years, but EEEK! Simple Site Blueprint is simple, easy, and as a sharp as a focused laser. I’m getting my website done in lightspeed. I’d absolutely recommend it.”

— Elke Hannig, Body psychotherapist


Learn to create a simple site that sells your services

  • Craft a clear, simple site that attracts clients with help from a proven step-by-step system that’ll take you from start to finish!

  • Pour digital gasoline on your business with high-converting website layout guides, site planning system, and bonus copy templates 🔥🔥

  • Stop “procrasti-branding” and fiddling with your photos, fonts, and colors. I’ll show you the simple way to stand out and turn heads

  • Connect with others in our private FB group

  • Get personal support from me with 4 x group calls
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What others are saying about Simple Site Blueprint…

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“Four weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought I could make a decent site, but now I know if I keep doing the steps I can!”

— Anna n., Coach


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“I no longer feel like my website has to be perfect or that I’m not good enough. It’s such a massive difference.”

My favorite part of the course is how my brain is no longer overwhelmed. I can't tell you how much therapy and techniques I've used to try and remove that glitch in my brain. I didn't realize a Squarespace website course would help the most!



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I feel like I am truly focussing on my business, what I want to achieve and where my focus should be. I would for sure recommend Simple Site Blueprint to others!

I like how Simple Site Blueprint breaks it down and gets us to think about the details like our ideal clients, how details can impact perception, and the importance of overall flow. But the best part, in my opinion, is the access we have to Cami and how helpful she has been throughout the process. I would for sure recommend Simple Site Blueprint to others! I am learning a lot and love the accountability.

— Melissa Mitrey, Health Coach



“Done for now!! This simple phrase has become my new mantra. Fighting perfection is real, and Cami makes it easy to keep moving forward to creating a website that works.”

Cami’s business experience is baked into the advice she gives. As a result, she steers you down a path that will help you reach the clients you want to attract. I want to do work that I love, for people I want to work with. While it will take many steps to get there, I finally feel like I will get there!”

— Nancy Siegel, Designer


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Frequently asked questions

Q: When does the course begin and end?

Simple Site Blueprint starts as soon as you enroll! You’ll get access to the course immediately and the first 4 modules will be waiting for you. After that, new modules will be released every 7 days.

You’ll have access to all the course content, our Facebook group, and all future updates to the course for the lifetime duration of the course, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

Q: If I build my site with Squarespace and then at some future date want to move to WordPress, how hard would it be?

You can always switch platforms down the line if you need to.

I’ve done it several times over with my own business (my first ever site was on Squarespace, then I switched to WordPress, then back to Squarespace!) I’ve also helped clients through the migration process.

Is it the most fun thing in the world? No. But it’s not too hard to do.

Q: Will the trainings in SSB apply to me if I don’t use Squarespace?

While the tech trainings will be Squarespace specific, there’s lots that will apply no matter what website platform you use.

All of the layout templates, copy training, and website strategy that you’ll learn in SSB are platform-agnostic, meaning that you can implement the ideas and strategies with whatever tools you’re most comfortable with.

So, if you’re confident you can get the tech support you need elsewhere, then yes, I think you’ll get awesome value out of all the other materials in SSB!

Q: What if I have a question that's not answered here?

Send me an email at hello@camillefarey.com and let me know. I respond personally to every note and would love to hear from you.

Q: What’s your opinion of Wix/Weebly? I’m not tech saavy at all and I am really looking for simple and easy. 

I know how intimidating tech can be, and you're not alone. Luckily, simple and easy is what I do best!

The thing I love most about Squarespace is that it's incredibly beginner friendly. You don't need to be tech savvy at all to create a beautiful Squarespace site. If you can write an email, you can build a beautiful Squarespace site, I promise :) 

That said, it’s also a very robust platform. I personally know folks who are running multi-million dollar businesses from Squarespace!

I’m not a big fan of Wix/Weebly. I find them clunky and difficult to use and, honestly, I’ve never seen a site that I thought looked professional that was built on these platforms.

I want you to have a professional, polished site right from the get-go, and Squarespace is the ideal tool to do that with.

Q: I barely have time to eat lunch, let alone create a website! Why should I do this?

I have a counter question: How long have you been repeating that “I’m too busy!” line to yourself, and how long have you stayed in exactly the same spot you’re in now?

How long have you spent researching the ins-and outs of every platform, and how long have you stayed in exactly the same spot you’re in now?

The truth is, there’s never a “perfect” time to start a new website.

And for most successful businesses with website shame, the right time for a new website is… yesterday.

What’s one new client worth to you?

Because every second you spend saying “I don’t have time,” or every second you spend researching the best website platform, you’re potentially leaving big money on the table.

In Simple Site Blueprint, I’ll take the guesswork out of your website, so you can start taking action and seeing results FAST!

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Join us while there’s still time!

SSB mockup - feb 2019-1.png

One payment of $497

Five payments of $120