What others are saying about Simple Site Blueprint…

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“Four weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought I could make a decent site, but now I know if I keep doing the steps I can!”

— Anna n., Coach


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“I no longer feel like my website has to be perfect or that I’m not good enough. It’s such a massive difference.”

My favorite part of the course is how my brain is no longer overwhelmed. I can't tell you how much therapy and techniques I've used to try and remove that glitch in my brain. I didn't realize a Squarespace website course would help the most!



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I feel like I am truly focussing on my business, what I want to achieve and where my focus should be. I would for sure recommend Simple Site Blueprint to others!

I like how Simple Site Blueprint breaks it down and gets us to think about the details like our ideal clients, how details can impact perception, and the importance of overall flow. But the best part, in my opinion, is the access we have to Cami and how helpful she has been throughout the process. I would for sure recommend Simple Site Blueprint to others! I am learning a lot and love the accountability.

— Melissa Mitrey, Health Coach



“Done for now!! This simple phrase has become my new mantra. Fighting perfection is real, and Cami makes it easy to keep moving forward to creating a website that works.”

Cami’s business experience is baked into the advice she gives. As a result, she steers you down a path that will help you reach the clients you want to attract. I want to do work that I love, for people I want to work with. While it will take many steps to get there, I finally feel like I will get there!”

— Nancy Siegel, Designer


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